Continental Media (Lux.)sarl. is for more than 10 years active as a listbroker between file owners and file users. Continental Media (Lux.)sarl. is your specialist for European consumer addressfiles. Her clients are mainly mailorder-companies and fundraising-organisations. Continental Media (Lux.)sarl. advises her clients by selecting the files that are appropriate for their directmail-actions.

For a great number of clients, Continental Media (Lux.)sarl. looks after the data-entry. When entering the data, Continental Media (Lux.)sarl. already checks that only correct addresses are being used. Continental Media (Lux.)sarl. works fast and for a favourable price. The data-entry includes sweepstake and mailorder responses. Important for the success of every directmail action is the speed that is used to process the responses. When you choose for Continental Media (Lux.)sarl., you can be sure that your responses will be processed immediately.

Thanks to our programs for the filingprocess, Continental Media (Lux.)sarl. takes care of the revising of all your files. Do not hesitate, choose Continental Media (Lux.)sarl. as your partner for your listmanagement.

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